Wednesday, September 3, 2008

slit open your stomach and let it all tumble out kid.

I scramble to the door, desperately lunge at the handle the second it comes into view- swing the door open and stumble in with a loud slam. I lay back against the wall, slide to the ground slowly and stare my Fucking Reality down. Thats when the cold linoleum sensation hits. It purges my mind, and suddenly I'm sucked back into this tunnel where the minuscule details tower over the broad ideas or the core subjects...and ALL THE DIRT SHOWS. The places that were missed juxtaposed with those over-cleaned so harshly they now lay pale and sterile. And so...this imbalance...I start screamingIletgoScreaming-with-every-forsaken-breath-in-this-damned- shadow-body.

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