Wednesday, September 3, 2008

old things,,,,from a rediscovered notebook

Like an indirect kiss that gives you a rash after-
makes you w0nder why you even tried.
Blasted thoughts.

Rain falls and I'm seduced
drawn to your existence
intrigued by your face
engulfed in that sound that remains constant
as though it were sent from some alien sky
to ensure
the rhythmic beat of my heart
pounding pounding
soft soft
pounding pounding
soft soft
everything melts together
a symphony of peace
the bass hits deep in my chest and soon my mind is locked
until once again finding myself entranced in euphoria.

Take me back to the time when I could breathe you in without your knowing:
Fall in love with your eyes on paper.
A diluted version of the real thing- still leaves a strong smell on the breath
as I lay glued to the floor, immobile, intoxicated.

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