Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Idea Tango

I'm an ideas kind of girl.
I like concepts. I like
connections. I like to imagine
my thoughts and perceptions
as if they have arms and
legs, appendages that reach
out and interact with one
another as if in a community,
maybe one holds another's
hand, maybe another slaps
the other about - but still,
they can't exist without the
relational value given to them
by the existence of the others.

Its like all the ideas in my head
were at a dance hall. Some of them
get down in the middle of the floor,
others stay as wallflowers - but
the dancers are such when compared to
the possibility of their not dancing.
The wallflowers remain, despite their
inactivity, as part of the dance overall
just the same

[spring 2007]

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