Thursday, December 6, 2007

conversation on energy and contact

how would you describe my energy?

that's the first thing that came to mind
well from watching you and hanna today the energy seemed totally different from when we contact
very playful as one of you said

i think it isnt just our own energies but how they play off of each other
synergies if you will

and i'm sure if we were a bit intentional about it we could work some playful ness into our dance next time we contact

yeah i agree

not get stuck in a sensual rut
as sweet as it is

we can mix it up too

yeah i really like dancing w/ you because you don't have an agenda
i feel like we're on the same level with our focus being enjoy ourselves and help our partner enjoy themself

words fail

i think we were right back when we were talking about leading/following
that's so key

i feel like you and i can enter a different world within the context of our dance and then step out of that when we stop dancing

do you feel like its more about our shared inner experience?

yeah maybe
i dont think you can say that there isnt emotion (sometimes intense) directed towards the other during the dance itself tho

oh definitely
right now i'm thinking why is our dance experience different than my contacting with others, what makes that different world happen.
and since we're being honest i'm still a bit fearful that i'll loose myself too much within that 'different world' and like go too far in my emotional communication

meaning that your "emotional communication" would send off the wrong signals?

maybe i should just let go and go with it

like be fake
or what?
im trying to go with doing what i feel

no, just be more intense than is...appropriate

i like how james put it-"no one is going to have intercourse in class"
but everything else is free reign
I think if the emotional impulse is there, then it should be explored through the dance

you're right
its a bit scary but you're right

it shouldnt scare you
if you trust who you are dancing with
and dont have a problem talking about it

yeah, us talking about it is definately a good plan

its not trusting myself that's the issue

well- allow me to keep you in check for yourself then eh?

that'd help me, just be like 'just let go, don't worry about it'

okay i will
what exactly are you afraid of again?
remember its also about listening so thats the other side of it

right right

when we listen to what is wanted by the other person
ive thought about it alot
because it blows my mind how amazing that one day was dancing with you
i want to understand it more
and have fun with it
i still am curious about your describing my energy as adventurous- i didnt really know what you would say but its interesting

and don't think you got out of describing my energy

i dont think i can rightfully put it into sentences...but ill throw thoughts out
centered- open but reserved
kinda thrown back and forth between the two
giving and resisting
tension but not
i think you are somewhat seductive too-but in a caring way

ok tension but not i get and now that you mention that i want to work on that
i think i have goals when i contact and i really don't like that

i think my dancing with you is almost an attemp to make you want to dance more freely with me
its weird
or maybe its not that

[fall 2006]

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