Thursday, August 18, 2011

homeless wisdom

from a homeless man i bummed a cigarette to on the East River pier:
"you can't put consciousness in parentheses."

1. we do not live in a vacuum; lonliness is an illusion; God is a blanket of wind and sometimes she makes herself known more forcefully or discreetly according to her own whims and whimseys.

2. strangers are that which we perceive as having a capacity to act upon us in unpredictable ways. There is something to strangers as there is to danger; we make ourselves available to be acted upon. Danger can be an addiction. we are capable of being or providing strangerhood for ourselves in a way that suggests we have more control over the situation and its repercussions- however it is not decided whether self-strangerhood/dom is in fact more dangerous or not. everything that is - is merely a perception.

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