Sunday, April 20, 2008

with her long string bow of wonder and curiosity

It is a common act to praise warriors throughout history for their aggressive bravery, devotion and undeniable impact on others. Although she has never been bloodied in war, my mother is a warrior. Tracie Rae Kidd: a woman whose name requires no carving on massive stone blocks to be placed in town square to remind others of her virtue. She carries her strength with her in everything she says and does, her presence is felt everywhere she goes and tangibly lingers when she leaves. Her weapons are ideas, feelings and words brandished across her chest like hand crafted arrows, which, upon impulse, she sets aflame and sends flying, piercing that which is everything new and unknown with her long string bow of wonder and curiosity. Those that have been so blessed to have crossed her path have felt her fire. As a woman who has forever preached the importance of fearlessness in every endeavor, urging the necessity to pour oneself unabashedly into everything one does with a sense of grandeur and daring, so too will I here attempt to boast the boundlessness of her being in such a way which echoes the very bold, boisterous and unbridled manner in which she breathes and blows through the world each day.

(This is the introduction. I can't find the rest of it on my computer, but when I do, I will post it)

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