Saturday, April 24, 2010

I have an awesome idea for a new project, inspired by some material I stumbled upon that (im afraid to admit) is barely tangentially related to my comp. It has to do with the effect of "ghosting" in analog television. I can't wait to work on this when I have time. (I.e. when my comp is done and/or i graduate). But thats why im posting here, so that I remember and revisit it.

from wikipedia on ghosting (television):

In television, a ghost is a replica of the transmitted image, offset in position, that is super-imposed on top of the main image.

its probably because ive got derrida on the brain...spectres of marx and what not.

i feel like the concept could really be fleshed out for all its metaphoric potential.
"Ghosting is specific to analog transmission. Digital television avoids the problems of ghosts altogether regardless of the transmission format."

maybe its the way that was written...but i cant help but feel drawn to the notion of the ghost as a problem, and as such, one that must be erased, eliminated. the whole digital tv take-over recently makes this a particularly timely subject to think about.

Friday, April 16, 2010

my patron saint of deconstruction

"His essays were penned in the margins like the work of a poet, rather than "pinned-in" the center like the work of a metaphysician. Derrida wrote without regard for the truth, like a novelist. He wrote like a thinker not a philosopher grounded in metaphysical presence. He wrote with little concern for the reader or for structure. Derrida's density at play--very long play--demonstrated that he simply wrote about. . . to get at meaning. Since the text was all there was, Derrida wrote for Derrida, who wrote for Derrida, who wrote for Derrida . . ."